Monday, April 12, 2010

Welcome Baby Stockton Ewell

3 days old

Well he has finally arrived. Baby Stockton Derrick Ewell was born on April 09th 2010 He weighed 8lbs 09 oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. He has a lot of dark brown curly hair. Something that his sisters all missed out on. We are so greatful to have him here safe, sound and healthy. What a miracle it is to have a baby and to see and feel of their sweet spirits that they bring with them. We are seeming to be getting along great a little tired but everyone is enjoying having him home. The girls have loved having a little brother so far. They just can't get enough of him. At this point it seems that he has been blessed with a lot of patience. Lets hope that it doesn't wear off.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another Great Buck

I am not sure what pics are the best and don't have time to look through them so here are two and when Derrick gets home I will have him help get the best ones. I can't find the file that he said they were in. Anyway We had a great time and I was lucky to come home with the big one. sorry I just erased the second pic looks like this is all you get for now.

I don't have time to write about the deer but My dad is dying to see the pics and they can't get them pulled up on the computer. So here are the pics and the story will come later. Bridgett's 2009 deer. Scores 180 and 3/8 26 3/4 inches wide.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Baby Number 4

So I thought that I had better give a quick update on what has been going on. Our life really could not be much more crazy. I am Pregnant with number four and I have been sick sick sick not to mention so tired. I have never been so tired in my life (I wake up tired) how is that even possible. I am due on April 16th and we are assuming that it is a girl. We just can't even imagine having a little boy. But we will take and Love what ever it is that we get. Well on top of that I have been taking Morgan to Price twice a week for Theropy on her finger. Which takes a little over an hour to get there. Gracie has started Kindergarten so I have to make plans to get her to school when I am not here and am in Price and then I rush home to be here for when the bus drops her off. Gracie loves kindergarten so much and has the most wonderful teacher ever. We just love her. So on the days that I am not in Price, I am once again teaching a preschool class and tending a little girl as well. Holy cow I have never really been a busy person I am extremely laid back and enjoy making my own schedule. Well, not anymore. I am officially CRAZY MOM. However, Morgans theropy is going really well and her finger seems to be healing good. She still doesn't move it on her own, though she really tries but the Surgeon says that everything looks and moves just as it should for what week she is in. I am so proud of Morgan she is such a little trooper. She sits at theropy for an hour and half twice a week and never complains. Keep in mind that she is only 4. The theropists is so kind and nice to her and she loves Tia the girl that works for him. Tia gets out the crayons and suckers and sits with her and entertains for the whole time. What a life saver. SO there you have it that. that has been our last little while in a nut shell. When I get a little time I will get some Pictures up . Running now to pick up kids from dancing WOW IT NEVER STOPS!!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well I don't have any pictures uploaded yet but I thought that I would give a quick update on Morgans finger. After having stitches for 3 days we noticed that she still couldn't move her pinky finger. So we took her up to a plastic surgeon to have it looked at. Apparently she cut her tendons and that was causing her to not move. So 5 days later we were in surgery reconnecting the tendons and repairing any nerve damage that was there as well. The surgery went well and although in a lot of pain Morgan is her happy self. The hardest part is trying to get her to settle down and hold her hand up. She is now in a soft cast which will be taken off by the doctor in a week. Once that is done then we start with Physical Theropy. We aren't quite sure how often we will have to take her in but from talking to the theropist is sounds like 3 times a week. That is going to be crazy but it is so important that the theropy is taken seriously so that the finger is able to move correctly afterward. There is still 20% chance that her finger won't move right aganin and 30% chance that her feeling won't come back. So although the odds aren't great we are hoping for the best. And lesson learned Never Play With Glass Bottles.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ewell Family Campout 2009

This years camping trip turned out to be so much fun. Every year Derricks family tries to get everyone together and we head out on a camping trip. This year we chose Ferron Mountain which was a central location for everyone to meet at. Derrick and our family headed up the day before and picked a camp spot and enjoyed being out the mountains. Once we got the tent set up we built a fire to roast our hot dogs. Brittlyn didn't like the fire getting her eyes hot so she insisted that she wear my sunglasses to keep the fire from her eyes.

They seemed to stay on much better if she wore them upside down.

The next morning we went fishing and the girls had a ball. This is the 1st Fish that Derrick caught. The girls thought that it was so cool touching a fish. they loved it.
this is the fish Morgan got to reel in.
Here is Gracies fish

Travis and Cheri brought this raft and was nice enough to take all of the little kids on a ride out on the lake.

Family picture out by the lake not everyone is in the picture.

Everyone loves sitting around the camp fire and visisting. The kids (well all of us) really enjoyed all of the stories grandpa shared. It took awhile to get him started but once he did it was story after story. Thanks grandpa these are the things that we all will remember.

We had prepared a treasure hunt, and a Scavenger hunt. once they collected all of the stuff on the list for the Scavenger hunt Grandma gave everyone their very own Hersheys Chocolate bar!!!
The kids playing down by the lake. The girls loved picking up rocks to find bugs and snail shells.

Dempsey loved throwing the rocks in the water. Everytime he threw the rock he would jump so high. Check out the air.

And as it sometimes happens someone gets an injury. The kids had been playing by the water when the discovered an old glass bottle. Morgan picked up the bottle and was going to set it back down on a rock when the glass broke. Her pinky finger slid down the glass cutting a huge v shaped chunk of finger. Derrick and I were on the other side of the lake so I ran and he paddled the raft since he didn't have his shoes with us. by the time I got to camp Grandma, Aunt Cheri, and Aunt Jill had her finger wrapped and had given her some medicine. Well taking one look at it I knew she was going to need stitches. So we loaded up camp as fast as anyone ever has and as soon as Derrick made it back we were able to load the kids and head out. We had about a 2 hour drive to the hospital ER. We waited there about an hour when we finally got to see the doctor. She ended up getting 7 stitches, and a teddy bear. Morgan is so sad she can't go swimming for 14 days. that is how long she will be stitched up.
This is in Grandmas trailer trying to get the wound to stop bleeding.

After the stitches Morgan posing with dad and her New Teddy Bear.

Waiting in the ER with her wash cloth and duck taped band aid. Grandpa made the bandaid and the nurse laughed and told Morgan she really thought her bandaid was cool.
After we got her home and cleaned up. Seven stitches total Poor little girl.

Laying down and finally resting after a really long weekend and an even longer day.
Morgan has been so good to keep her finger rested and lifted above her head. We are really glad that Cheri, Jill and Grandma took such good care of her and they knew just what to do. Or if they didn't then what ever they did worked. Thanks for taking care of our little Morgan.

So that wraps up our camping trip. Even with the accident we all had a great time. We are so greatful that we are able to spend time in the mountains and to enjoy the Great outdoors. Especially when family comes along to. Next year we are hoping that we can get all of the family out to enjoy the trip with us. We really missed everyone who couldn't make it.


Our neighbors got two new kittens. My girls love them. Well Morgan really loves them. Gracie likes them and Brittlyn hates them. She screams if they even get close to her. Sometimes not even close they just have to be where she can see them and she freaks out. She seems to not mind as long as someone else is holding them and they are not looking at her and definatly not touching her. We barely got the picture and then she was back to the screaming.


Oh how we love the cotton. This is a picture of our front lawn in July. There is no way of escaping the cotton. It falls from the end of June to the first of August. What a mess. The trees are great because the create so much shade for us in the hot summers but really is it worth the clean up. As soon as the lawn is mowed and clean the next day Bright white all over again. But the kids sure like to think that it snows all year round.

Even our dog Chubs can't get out of the cotton. Poor little guy.