Monday, July 7, 2008

Welcome to our Blog

We are so excited to explore the blogging world. I am sure things will be a little rough for a while until I get the hang of things.
This is our most recent kid picture. Gracie 4 Morgan 3 and Brittlyn 1.
We took these pictures at Gayles house and by the end of the day we had wished that we would have just went to kiddie kandids. (WE WERE STRESSED)


Trina and Wes said...

We love that you have joined the blogging bandwagon!!! It's super cute. And it a super way to stay in touch with everyone that is so far away. I am going to add you to my page if you don't mind?

Bre.Sean.Blake said...

They are gorgeous! Congrats on the is wonderful. I can't believe Derrick almost got attacked by a bear! You're preschool Halloween poem was WAAAAY cute. You have always been a closet poet. Love ya! Miss ya! Bre

Nancy Brown said...

Hey Bridge! How cute is your little family. I found ya blog browsing with Bre!

So cute. Come on over ( welcome to the blog wagon!

Nancy Labrum Brown