Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So we all survived surgery. Brittlyn had to have reconstructive
surgery on her bladder. Her urine flows back up into her kidneys
when she goes pee. This causes kidney damage and makes her very prone
to getting bladder infections. We took the Gracie and Morgan to Orangeville
to stay while we went to Primary Childrens Hospital for the surgery. We left my moms at about 4:30 am meaning we woke up at 3:30am. We arrived at the hospital and did all of the checking in and pre op evaluations. Then it was time for the anesthetic. They gave her a little bit of something just to make the departure from mom and dad easier. She got so loopy and silly while we were waiting. However, she wasn't even sad to go with the "sleep doctor" I don't know how to spell what they are. So anyway surgery took 2 hours to complete. Everything went well while she was in surgery. The doctor came out to talk to us and mentioned that she was just trying to wake up and that we could go in to recover. The only thing that we had to wait for is make sure that she is able to pee before we leave. This was to be sure that nothing got blocked off during surgery. He made it sound that we should be outta there in about 1-2 hours. So we were thinking great we are going to get home early be able to relax and just be with Brittlyn to make her comfy... boy were we wrong. 9 hours later Brittlyn decided that she would rather pee than completly blow up. She had drank 3 sippy cups full of Apple Juice 2 bags of IV fluid and her little tummy was a hard little ball. Just as the doctor told the nurse that we needed to stay the night so she could be watched I had noticed that she hadk peed. We were all so thankful. Brittlyn was tired of being there not to mention mom and dad. So then the puking started. First right before we were leaving. Then again about 45 minutes from home and then again just as we pulled into the drive way. She made it through the night okay but only to start the puking again. We now have everything under control and she seems to be feeling good. I am a little surprised at how big they had to make the insision. It is about 3 inches long just below her belly. All in all I must say that Brittlyn is quite a trooper. She was so good after all she had been through. We are so greatful to be home.
Brittlyn just trying to wake up a little bit. Just after surgery.
Brittlyn and Dad

Mom and Brittlyn This is how I spent 7 of the 9 hours in the hospital. Not fun.

Brittlyn showing her IV.Brittlyns ET foot. It seemed to stay better on her toes instead of her finger.
We had finally had it and needed to go out for a walk. The nurse took
Brittlyn off the IV so we could go out and look at the fish. Brittlyn sure enjoyed
a change of scenery.

While out on our walk we found this spider man statue. We just
had to take a picture for Wyatt.

And After a long day it didn't take long for Brittlyn and I
to totally crash after getting home 12:35 am.

We started the day at 3:30AM and ended at 12:30 AM 3 more hours and we could have chalked it up to an all nighter. But I am glad that we didn't have to.


Michelle said...

Hey girl, my little daughter had the same thing. Reflux in her kidneys. That is crazy. We actually did the deflux procedure and it has worked for 5 years now. She doesn't have to go see the Dr. anymore which is a huge blessing. Your family is so sweet. I have a little Gracie also. Kind of fun. I'm glade you daughter is doing well. See ya, Michelle (Leonhardt)

Brett and Chanel Giles Family said...

I am glad everything turned out good with the surgery. I can't believe we haven't ran into each other at AL's or something! (: We will have to try and get together sometime. I made our blog private so if you want, send me an email to chanelgiles@gmail.com and i will send you an invite.

amber said...

So glad everything went well. Hope the recovery is quick!

jgeefamily said...

I am glad all went well. We didn't even know there was a problem. We are so glad to hear the good news!

The Estes Family said...

I'm glad everything went well for you guys!!

The Ewell Family said...

I'm sure glad that you were able to go home that night! Those rooms are so small to sleep in. I'm glad she is doing well now.

Jon Davis said...

I am soo glad that everything is okay. We were thinking of you all day. IF you need anything call me. I mean it!!

The Bunnell's said...

I am sorry that is was such a long day. What a little trooper she is, the pictures of her with the IV make me so sad. I am gald that everything went well.

Tristie hearts Dax said...

Oh my gosh, that sounds so crazy! I remember how horrible I felt for Hunter after he had his tonsils out, but it was nothing compared what you guys went through. It breaks your heart to see you little ones in pain. I am so glad that everyone is home and doing well. You guys take care.


The Bennett Bunch said...

Hey Bridget I just found your blog.

Wow scary!!! I had the same thing when I was little, but they didn't know what it was that was causing me to get SO SICK until I was almost 9!!! Back then I had to stay in the hospital for a week. And then when we finally got home my bladder ruptured and we had to make an emergancy run to Provo. Then I had to stay in the hospital for another week. Thank goodness that they have things perfected better now so you only had to be there for 1 day. I'm SO glad that she's doing well now!!! I can't believe how BIG your girls have gotten, and I'm glad to hear that you guys are all doing so good!!!

Our blog is private so if you'd like an invite leave me an email with your address.


Thanks, Amanda Bennett:)

Beau, Mel, Laila and Cain!!!! said...

Oh my gosh, that is so sad!!!! I hope all goes well with recovery!!! The picture with her iv is sooo sad!! She is so brave!!! Hope you have a great week!

Wades said...

what a little trooper!! i am so glad that she is ok now! hope recovery goes well for her...u and you too!

The Erickson Family said...

Im so sad! Poor little thing! Im glad it is done with and that everything went well! I have not seen you FOREVER! What the heck! You are my bff remember? Haha! Love you! and miss you!

Brandy Anderson said...

I'm so sorry you guys had to go through that. So much worry and stress for you and Derrick. I'm glad everything went ok. Wow, what a long day. Poor little thing.

Jana said...

Poor little thing! I am glad that everything is getting better. Its so hard when your kids are sick...it makes you feel so bad!

Trina and Wes said...

Oh my gosh. That is scary and terrible. I had not idea that she was having problems. I hope that she is feeling better now.