Monday, January 26, 2009

Christmas 08

So once again I messed up seriously this shouldn't be so hard but I just
can't get it right
Derrick and I on Christmas Morning
The Dressem ups a huge hit

fake hair

Brittlyn and her truck
Dad getting his hair done you go girls

Me and the girls Christmas morning

Okay so I totally messed up the text is below the pics sorry...

This is Gracie on her bouncy ball everyone got one and they have definatly been a great hit.

Morgan with her Poop Baby!!!
Gracie and the Littlest Pets which again everyone loves to play with.
Christmas morning just waiting for dad to say it's okay to come out!!!
Our wonderful Christmas Tree. Derrick was so proud of his great find out on the mountain. We had some how forgot that we threw away most of our tree decorations last year. The ones that you see here were picked out by the girls for one dollar at the local grocery store. But no worries we are already prepared with new ones for next year thanks to Monica.


Okay so it has been a very long time since I have been able to post anything so I am going to travel back in time a little bit.
Christmas... This year for Christmas Derrick and I decided to stay at our own home in Bridgeland for Christmas eve and Christmas Day and then go home the day after. We have always been home for Christmas and so this was way different than we were used to. I missed home like crazy but we had a great time being with us and the girls. It was expecially hard since we live in such a small town where pretty much everyone has family very close. However we survived and actually enjoyed ourselves. Christmas eve What do we do. I had a lot of pressure on me since this was our first Christmas away and I was needing to come up with great traditions and wonderful dinners and all of that stuff that before now just got done on its own Seriously who knew the pressures of holidays that lands on a mother. So to all the moms out there that do every holiday and make it seem so effortless and perfect PROPS to you. (can I still say props?). Any way We decided to just play Christmas eve and do whatever the girls wanted us to do. Fortunatley for me Derricks hair was kind of long and shaggy and what more would three little girls just love to do but there dad's hair. (see pic below) Any way for our tradition we stuck to giving everyone pjs. For Christmas day the girls just loved opening gifts what could be better. They got everything that they wanted... Gracie littlest pet shop pets, Morgan A poop baby that's right baby alive was not what she wanted it was a poop baby. SO Hello Yellow watery poop, and for Brittlyn cars and trucks to push around for some reason that's what she loves. For our tradition on Christmas we choose to spend time with someone that might need some company on Christmas, well we were a little unprepared and the one that we had picked out to visist had left town and spent time with family which is actually much better. next year we will do a little better planning . Anyway it all boiled down to a really great Christmas. This Christmas season I enjoyed to the max. here are some pictures to sum up all this jibber jabber.

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Bre.Sean.Blake said...

Looks like Christmas was fun! I mess up the pixs and the text all the time too. No worries.