Friday, January 30, 2009

Turkey Turkey Turkey

Derrick got a call to go pick up some big Tom Turkeys. He brought them home so the preschool kids could look in the box. It was pretty fun but the turkey was flopping around ready to get out. Derrick invited us to go up the mountain with him to realease the birds. It was so bitter cold we all enjoyed it. It was pretty cool to see. Here are some of the pictures from the release. I will also try to put a video on if I can figure it out...

I am free and I am outta here!!!!
What should I do How do I get Out?

The family posing for a pic with the turkeys in the boxes.

opening the box ready to release.


therobertsonfam said...

I bet that was exciting for your girls, heck I would of liked to see that.

Behling Family said...

That is so cool. I bet the girls loved that. What a cute dad to make them a hut looks like they had a great time. Look like you guys had a great Christmas too.

Candace said...

That would be a blast! What a fun job he has. I bet he loves it. My husband is a HUGE hunter and I showed him the picture of your buck from the book cliffs...he was impressed! I am going to get my blue card this year with my 7 year Logan and put in for an antelope hunt in Wyoming. How was it to kill your first animal? Did it kind of freak you out or were you okay cause I am nervous about it. Your girls are so adorable. Are you guys done having kids or are you wanting to try for a boy? I love being able to catch up with old friends. Your such a cute girl!