Monday, March 16, 2009

Field Trip

Another Field Trip!!!
We had a cancelation for our field trip to the farm so we made last
minute plans to go to Pleasant Valley Kennels.
Here they train and board dogs for people and they are really great at
what they do. It was really fun to see the dogs in the learning and training stage
They also have a pheasant farm where we were able to get up close and
personal with the pheasant. Poor guy all these little girls want to touch and pet.
He had no idea what he was getting into when he got caught.

Morgan throwing the dog toy. Watch out I almost got smacked with
it more than once. the girls thought it was really cool that the
dog would wait to chase the toy until you told him to go...
Thanks to Jon for letting us come out and see the kennel in action.

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Jana said...

What a fun teacher! Do you love doing preschool? Looks like a fun trip!