Monday, August 3, 2009

Feeding the Deer

Another really fun thing that we were able to do this summer was feeding the baby deer.
Some people picked up a baby deer because they couldn't see it's mother, so they brought it home with them and kept it for the night. The next day they called the Division of Wildlife and becuase they had kept it over night they were unable to take it back to the mother. Mother deer are never with their new born babies. Only long enough for the feeding and then they leave so they can protect them from the predators. Well there is a lady that feeds and takes care of the babies when they are brought it sometimes they are injured and need help and other times like this time they are just needing to be fed. We were lucky enough to go out and help her with some of the feedings while she was out of town. We had so much fun.
This picture was when the baby was just a little bit older than the first time that we had gone out to help.
Baby Buckwheat. Because the people who picked him up held him so much he was so used to being with humans that he just loves being around people. Usually when the animals are brought in they are kept as wild as possible with only one person at a time for the feeding. Buckwheat on the other hand just loved to interact with everone. This is Buckwheat just hanging out on the back porch.
The baby deer just loved to chew on Morgans Shirt.
Just one week old.

Gracie getting to feed Buckwheat his bottle. This is when we were in training to do a feeding on our own.

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